We develop and realize electronic modules for control and measurement as a component of modern devices and systems. Thereby we combine analog circuits in the area of motion control and measurement recording with digital microprocessors for signal processing. With the integration of modern sensoric components we enable monitoring, control and regulation of technical processes.

In addition, we offer you our competence in software development for the programming of microprocessors and user-friendly user interfaces.

Application Areas

Application Example:

System for the assessment, documentation and repair of coronary stents, which is used for qualitative final inspection. In this device, the electronics take over the control of all motion sequences. The position of the stent is constantly detected by sensors. Depending on this, motors for rotation and lateral movement of the stent are activated. The lateral movement is controlled. This system was developed and implemented under our overall responsibility for the client.


We offer our expertise in 3D CAD design for the development and implementation of drive technology, devices and small systems. Our technical know-how, our development creativity and our methodical approach form the basis for smart and reliable solutions. We integrate sophisticated mechanics, microsystem technology and state-of-the-art electronics into a complete system. We advise you on manufacturer issues and take over the production of individual parts, prototypes, pilot series and small systems for you. The three-dimensional model data is at the same time the basis for calculations and simulation and later the CNC manufacturing.

We carry out our developments with the 3D CAD system SolidWorks. Extensive interfaces allow the import and export of data from all common CAD systems. So we can work directly into your existing systems without hindering your process flows.

Data Analysis and Measurement Technology

We assist you in the collection and analysis of your process data. You can choose whether we support you by identifying relevant parameters and formulating a concept for data acquisition or by implementing a measurement setup for data acquisition. We analyze the acquired data using state-of-the-art libraries in Python or Excel. The visualization is completely adapted to your needs. We are also happy to support you in communicating the results to customers or stakeholders or advise you on possible recommendations for action.

Application Areas

  • Analysis of process data of large or small plants
  • Preparation of structured and unstructured data
  • Implementation of temporary or constant measuring devices in production
  • Reflection of product data over the life cycle
  • Predictive and prescriptive Analysis

Application Example:

By analyzing the data of an entire production line, it was possible for us to identify process steps that are critical for quality control. This enabled us to formulate recommendations for the process and permissible downtimes.

An analysis of the data after implementation of the measurements showed that the quality of the products had improved and failure rates were significantly reduced.

Production Technology

Together with you, we develop concepts for the application of state-of-the-art production logistic methods to your medical technology production. For this purpose we develop and build compact systems for your production, devices for data acquisition and systems for quality control.

Application Areas

  • Software development for programming microprocessors and user-friendly user interfaces
  • Numerical flow simulation for the optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Development of electronic assemblies for control and measurement
  • 3D CAD design of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic assemblies